Special adhesive tapes




A universal one-sided adhesive tape that can be torn apart transverse. It is reinforced with cotton fabric, laminated with gray-silver PE layer. It has high tensile strength, high UV resistance, it’s waterproof, and holds well also on a rough surface.



Filament adhesive tape is a transparent self-adhesive tape with high tensile strength and high adhesiveness. Polypropylene film reinforced by glass fibers that run through it lengthwise or cross-wise. Thanks to a special Hot Melt adhesive layer, these adhesive tapes have excellent adhesive properties on paper boxes.The tape is suitable for fixing unstable and heavy loads on pallets, tube bundling, and where high tear resistance is required.



The sealing tape is designed for manual closing of paper cartons. The tape looks like a self-colored adhesive tape without printing. However, when peeled off, visible traces of tape removal remain on the applied surface in the form of a torn printingthat is placed in the adhesive of the tape. It is not possible to peel off the tape without leaving  visible traces of removal, the adhesive no longer adheres to the tape carrier material, and therefore any manipulation with the tape is immediately and permanently visible.

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Název: Ochranné hrany budoucnosti (produktová i procesní inovace)_TAPEX EU s.r.o.

Popis: Projekt je zaměřen na uvedení inovovaného produktu v podobě papírové ochranné hrany nové generace na tuzemský a zahraniční trh. Toho bude dosaženo inovací výrobního procesu, konkrétně pořízením nových výrobních technologií, SW, HW atd. do výrobního závodu v Pardubicích.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

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