Fast and economical filling of empty space.


AIRplus® Void air cushions serve the best as fast and economical filling of empty space in one simple step. Packaging equipped with this protection material prevents free movement of goods. Our air cushion filling is the best solution for pre-packaged products with minimal risk of damage.

  • Individual cushions
  • Cushion sizes suitable for several applications
  • Suitable for pre-packaged productsshipping
  • Excellent for product transportation with minimal risk of damage





AIRplus® Cushion is an excellent solution for product packaging. The cushion belt is separated by perforations based on the desired length. According to the size of the packed item, we offer several options with different number of air chambers on the belt so this product can be used to fill empty space, fix or protect the packed item.

  • 2, 4 or 16 air chambers per perforated part
  • Filling of small and medium-sized empty space
  • Product restriction and packaging
  • Products requiring a filling, or unpacked products
  • Filling of empty space around the products




AIRplus® Bubble fills up empty space around the packed item, and protects it effectively from damage or scratching during the transportation. AIRplus® Bubble ensures product protection from pressing the button. The high-quality perforation allows fast tearing. Each section has a length of 85 mm that enables protective packaging of small products with significantly more efficient amount and volume than it's usual on the market for 250 mm. Compact rolled belt equipment substitutes bubble wrapto save storage space and reduce handling costs. Compared to a conventional bubble wrap, AIRplus® Bubble brings benefitsto end-users. Upon one cut, the air goes outof air cushions, leaving only a small amount of waste to be disposed or recycled. AIRplus® Bubble is one of the least costly solutions on the market

  • 14 round air chambers per a perforated section
  • Suitable for small products, small individual sections prevent material wastage
  • High-quality perforation "clever tear-off“ allows to tear the material fast



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Popis: Projekt je zaměřen na uvedení inovovaného produktu v podobě papírové ochranné hrany nové generace na tuzemský a zahraniční trh. Toho bude dosaženo inovací výrobního procesu, konkrétně pořízením nových výrobních technologií, SW, HW atd. do výrobního závodu v Pardubicích.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

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